The managers

Management throughout the ages

Ever since the build of the castle in the 13th century the castle has been ‘managed’. Count Floris V, the builder of this citadel, did not live here himself. All management was left to the lord of the castle, the castellan or bailiff. This also meant that the castle was home to the bailiff. Throughout the centuries, the manner of management has changed repeatedly. Since the sixties, a castle manager once again lived at the castle itself.

Radboud Castle-Manager Emma Buis-Photo credits: Duco de Vries

Emma Buis

“We work extremely hard everyday to give Medemblik’s finest the status it deserves. Come visit the museum, have a cup of coffee or organize a business meeting. Here in Radboud Castle we focus on a personal approach and we with our entire team strive for an A+ experience!”

Radboud Castle-Manager Madeleine Vliegenthart-Photo credits: Duco de Vries

Madeleine Vliegenthart

”We strive to put Radboud Castle on the map and keep it there, aided by my extensive background in marketing and projectmanagement experience. We wish to offer the desired A+ experience in online service as well, even before our guests have entered the building. Apart from that, we organise many different events, workshops, concerts and we develope group games. We want to tell Radboud’s stories and have them live on!”

Management today

Nowadays, the castle is run by Emma and Madeleine of Ned1671 B.V. During the 2018 renovation, the managers living quarters were removed and made part of the museum route. The castle ladies do not live there. They are tenants, with a duty to take extra good care of the monument. The energy and time they put into the development of the castle, assures that it remains open to the public, and to experience its history.

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Radboud Castle-Emma in the Knight's Hall-Photo credits: Duco de Vries