Jacob Cabeliau (*ca. 1527)

Jacob Cabeliau, also known as Cabeljau or Cabbilliauw, is the son of a Southern Dutch nobleman. At a young age he joined the Sea Beggars and even seems to have been disinherited because of that connection. He first made his presence felt in 1572, when he landed near Den Briel under Willem van der Marck Lumey and the Beggars captured the city.


May 1572: Enkhuizen

When Enkhuizen joins the revolt a few weeks later, Cabeliau is sent there by Lumey to support the inhabitants. There he meets Diederik van Sonoy, who goes with him and Nicolaas Ruychaver to Medemblik. The men hope to join Orange in that strategically located town as well.


June 1572: Medemblik

Van Sonoy, Cabeliau and Ruychaver are unsuccessful. Cornelis van Rijswijk, kastelein of the castle in Medemblik, keeps the city gates closed. Medemblik has no problems with the Spaniards, especially after taxes were lowered to rebuild the church after a fire. The Beggars leave empty-handed.

Before he leaves, Van Sonoy orders Cabeliau and Ruychaver to capture Medemblik. How, that is up to them. The city itself goes down pretty quickly; when the Beggars attack Medemblik, the city garrison flees to the castle. And that becomes a different story.

Cabeliau must and will take control of the castle, but how? A siege may well take a long time and cost many men. Cabeliau can opt for a ruse, but that choice is not easily made....


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