Violet-Shrinking and Billie Bee

In the medieval herb garden live Violet-Shrinking and Billie Bee. Together they have all kinds of adventures and you can join them!

The herbs in 'Violet and Billie and the fairy chairs'

Radboud Castle-Herbal Garden-Goudflower



Marigold is called "Calendula" in Latin, which means "little clock" or "calendar. Marigold is both: first of all, you can tell from the flowers whether it is already late because they close when it gets dark. Furthermore, marigold usually blooms at the beginning of a new moon, making it almost a calendar.

Under its Latin name, marigold is widely used, as in the past, in salves and creams for your skin: calendula ointment. It helps against inflammation and makes your skin heal more easily.

Radboud Castle-Herbal Garden-Kamomile



Like the marigold, chamomile is still widely used. The scent calms and if you put the flowers in a steam bath, you can sleep very well.

The Latin name Matricaria comes from "mater," the word for mother. That's because it was always widely used by mothers for sick children. For example, the steam bath also helps against colds. If you have a fever, cramps or abdominal pain, it is a good idea to drink chamomile tea. Chamomile works best if you pick it in full afternoon sun.

Radboud Castle-Herbal Garden-Fingerlickweed



Foxglove is very toxic, so it was actually not used in the Middle Ages. Later, a very small amount of the poisonous substance was actually found to be good for people with heart problems. Meanwhile, that substance is made in a laboratory.

It does come with a nice story: the flowers of the herb are said to be chairs for fairies. Flying makes you tired, and the foxglove is a good place to rest. To thank the plant, the fairies would have given the flowers magical powers. Animals, especially foxes, who wear the flowers as gloves, can talk to each other without making a sound. How fun is that?

Upcoming activities

Old Dutch Games Day

23 juli 2024

During the Old Dutch Games Day you will find various games on the castle grounds to play alone or together. Learn to hoop or stilt walk, practice your knightly skills or play the King's Game like a true royal! Would you rather play the villain? Then you can go into the pillory! Strategic thinkers can have fun with the outdoor chess game. There is something fun for everyone!

Please note that the Old Dutch Games Day is outside in the castle square and free to enter. If you also want to visit the museum, we recommend you order your tickets online in advance.

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Falconer on the castle square

July 24, 2024

To a castle belongs a falconer! In good weather, house falconer Birdlive will take you through the history of falconry in the Netherlands and its magnificent birds of prey. You can admire the majestic birds up close and maybe even see them fly. Attention! The falconry program is outdoors and free to enter, but will only take place if the weather permits. Want to make sure the falconer will be there on the day you want to come? Then check this site on the day before you head out the door.

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Medieval encampment

July 27, 2024 - July 28, 2024

Come to the Medieval encampment and see what things were like at a bygone age . The Hanseatic Company will pitch its tents this weekend at Radboud Castle and get to work on old crafts such as embroidery, bookbinding and rope-making. The craftsmen will be happy to tell you about their work and show you everything. Furthermore, you will meet the plague doctor and you can listen to the stories of the archer!Note: The Medieval encampment is outside on the square and free to enter. If you also want to visit the museum, we recommend booking your tickets online in advance.

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The castle and its history. A fine place where you lose track of time. Check out the vacation activities! The Owl workshop today was fantastic!!!

- Berna Meijer

For ages I had planned to have a look and finally it came. Beautiful castle to wander around for a while and to enjoy the view from the battlements. Drank an excellent cappuccino in the museum café. Nice people who went out of their way to make my visit as pleasant as possible.

- Petra Vervoort