Group visit

Going out together

Going out with a larger group? Check out the possibilities at Radboud Castle. We'd love to help you make it a fun day out with your class, friends, family, colleagues or whoever you bring along!

Types of group visit

Are you coming with your school class, with your family or would you like to do a fun workshop or fun group game with friends? These are some examples. Feel free to let us know your idea!

More information about group visits? Contact us without obligation!


We had a wonderful day at Radboud Castle! It was a tight schedule, with 3 groups in a row, but everything went well. The children enjoyed it very much.

- Majorie Koopman
St. Antonius School, Nieuwe Niedorp

Thank you for visiting Radboud Castle. The kids found it very interesting and fun!

- Chelsea Vreeker
Maria Bernadette School, Medemblik