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The castle

13th century: castle for West Frisians

Radboud Castle was built by Count Floris V as one of five castles used, among other things, to keep the rebellious West Frisians under his thumb.

Floris built these castles in the period 1282-1287. A record pace, normally in those days it took about 10 years to build one castle, let alone five. Radboud Castle is the only castle that remains.

Radboud Castle-Slote tot Medembliec ca 1450-drawing by Marius Bruijn
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21st century: museum and event venue

The museum has a collection of objects that show the origins and history of the building. In the Hemelrijck you will find semi-permanent exhibitions on specific medieval subjects and in the vaults space is reserved for the museum store and the Castle Cafe.

Furthermore, there are many activities organized in and around the castle, such as raptor workshops, craft afternoons and medieval markets. It is also a popular wedding location and a stylish setting for team building and group outings.

Who is the owner?

Radboud Castle is owned by Monumentenbezit. This nationally operating foundation is dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage through the acquisition, restoration and operation of protected structures.

The portfolio of Monumentenbezit consists of various monuments spread throughout the Netherlands. Virtually every type of monument is represented; churches, castles, country estates, fortifications, ruins, residential buildings, memorials and grave monuments.

Together with its managers and tenants, Monument Ownership strives to bring its monuments and their stories to the attention of the widest possible audience.

Radboud Castle Logo Stichting Monumentenbezit

The stories of Radboud Castle


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Castles in West Friesland

Want to learn more about the history of Radboud Castle and the other castles in West Friesland? Then check out Ben Dijkhuis' website He has made it his hobby and life's work to collect the history of the West Frisian castles. He is constantly researching to uncover even more history about Radboud Castle . Keep an eye on our activities for Ben's next lecture.