Foundation Radboud Castle

The foundation

Foundation Radboud Castle aims to maintain and optimize the functioning of the castle as a museum of culture and history.

In short, the foundation is responsible for the cultural identity of the castle.

Radboud Castle-Educational film Washerwomen

Make a donation immediately?

All donations, large and small, help make Radboud Castle even more fun. Donations are used to expand exhibitions with fun extras, develop educational (group) games, and deploy digital resources. This is how we make the special history of Radboud Castle accessible to everyone! By clicking on the button below you can donate directly. You choose the amount. Thank you in advance!

ANBI status

Radboud Castle has an ANBI status (RSIN 3007601). This means that donors may deduct their gifts in their tax return. Because the castle is a cultural institution, an additional multiplier applies. More information can be found on the website of the tax authorities.


Radboud Castle-Mark van den Bos-Chairman of the Foundation Radboud Castle

Mark van den Bos


Radboud Castle-Ellen Blom-Treasurer Foundation Radboud Castle-photo by Duco de Vries

Ellen Blom


Radboud Castle-Roosmarie Staats-Secretary Foundation Radboud Castle

Roosmarie Staats


Team Radboud Castle

Emma Buis

Emma Buis

General manager

Radboud Castle-Rob de Vries

Rob de Vries


Radboud Castle-Saskia Lugtenaar

Saskia Assink

Herb Garden / Creation

Radboud Castle-Swoon of the Heath-Children's activities and project Tapestry

Zwaantje van de Heide

Children's activities / Tapestry

Radboud Castle-Paulette Kooijman-Conservator of the Radboud Castle Foundation -photo by Duco de Vries

Paulette Kooijman


Radboud Castle-Willy Pietersen

Willy Boshuis


Radboud Castle-Anneke Bos-Location manager

Anneke Bos

Site Manager

Radboud Castle-Host Paul Koperdraat

Paul Koperdraat


Radboud Castle-Celine Klompe

Celine Klompe

Social Media / Design

Radboud Castle-Rhodina Manshanden-horeca

Rhodina Manshanden-Bot

Castle Cafe

Radboud Castle-Pawlowne Carree

Pawlowne Carree


Radboud Castle-Ben Dijkhuis-house historian and guide

Ben Dijkhuis

House Historian / Guide

Radboud Castle-Astrid Brewer

Astrid Brewer

Hostess / Guide

Radboud Castle-Hetty Kock

Hetty Kock


Radboud Castle-Irma van Splunter

Irma van Splunter

Activities / Tapestry

Radboud Castle-Nel Fierloos

Nel Fierloos


Radboud Castle-Jasmijn and Chica van Dijk

Jasmijn van Dijk

Writer / Voice-over / Marketing

Radboud Castle-Bram Ruijter

Bram Ruijter

Castle handyman

Radboud Castle-Ton van Rooden

Ton van Rooden

Chef Castle handyman

Radboud Castle-Hans van der Horst

Hans van der Horst