Medieval castle from 1288

Located on the IJsselmeer in the historic town of Medemblik

For over 700 years the icon of Medemblik!

It is the last remaining castle in West Friesland, built by order of Count Floris V.

More than 20,000 visitors a year

Open all year round

And it continues to increase!

Museum and freely accessible Castle Cafe and terrace. There is something for every age to experience here. On the castle square you can (re)discover old Dutch toys!

More than 60 events and activities per year

In an atmospheric historical setting

Always something to do in Radboud Castle

Experience the magic of a bygone age, at one of the many events and activities!

Imagine yourself in the Middle Ages

Radboud Castle was built in 1288 as a castle commissioned by Count Floris V. You can still see and experience the Middle Ages in this particularly atmospheric building.

  • Many walls are as old as the castle itself
  • Stand guard outside on the battlements yourself
  • Regularly changing exhibitions about the Middle Ages
  • Contours of the original construction are still clearly visible
  • Put on a suit of armor and experience the weight that knights carry

Enter and EXPERIENCE THE MAGIE OF a bygone age!

If you want to be sure of a time slot, we recommend booking online in advance.

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From history, the building is full of thresholds, obstacles and challenging stairs. We are therefore unfortunately not accessible to people with mobility problems or in a wheelchair. If in doubt, please contact us in advance.

Current Exhibitions

Radboud Castle - Fable - true story - banner large



Meet fabulous creatures? Find out all about the Sammeltjes van Wieringen, the Zuiderzee Mermaid, the Dragon of Stavoren, the Boezehappert, Ten-ton elfrib and the Sea Knight. These folk tales from the region turn out to be remarkably similar to folk tales from other cultures. So everyone will recognize something in them! Come and have a look and let yourself be carried away in the wonderful world of fables...

Extended due to success! On view through January 5, 2025

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Radboud Castle - Campaign image Surrounded by Castles_ rectangle

Surrounded by Castles


Step into the panoramas of the five castles that Count William II and his son Count Floris V had built in West Friesland. Learn all about the functions of these impressive structures during their heyday from the 13th to early 15th centuries. The panoramas are accompanied by stories of various characters who were involved with the castles. With the archaeological finds accompanying them, the history of castles in West Friesland is tangible.

On view until mid-April 2026

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Radboud Castle-Fight for Frisia

The battle for West Friesland


Why is Radboud Castle in Medemblik? And what does the kingdom of Frisia have to do with it? The ancient Frisians were the Vikings of the low countries. The counts of Holland found flourishing trade and a great deal of independence. But the area was promised to the counts and also of great strategic importance. Find out how Count Floris V eventually managed to conquer this area.

This exhibition is continuous

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Radboud Castle-Graven carpet Ridderzaal with red tapestry-photo by Yvette Moeskops

The Grave Carpet

The Grave Tapestry of Radboud Castle is a multi-year project involving the medieval creation of a tapestry.

Medieval Herb Garden

In the herb garden at Radboud Castle , you will find different types of plants and herbs that were widely used in the Middle Ages, both for cooking and for their medicinal properties.

Radboud Castle-Herbal garden sign
Website horizontal 1920x1005-Radboud Castle-Gerrie the lion dragon

Children's Museum

Radboud Castle is also a treat for children. With its own audio tour, scavenger hunts and a play loft, there is plenty to do.

Upcoming activities


June 9, 2024

Would you like to do medieval crafts? Come Lucets at Radboud Castle! A lucet is a kind of fork with two prongs around which you wrap threads. You can compare it to punnicking. In the Middle Ages it was widely used to make coat fasteners. Lucets is included in the museum visit.

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Grave Carpet Theme Day

June 9, 2024

The Graven Tapestry of Radboud Castle is a unique multi-year project, where a tapestry is made in the medieval manner by volunteers. They have been specially trained in this traditional method of embroidery for this project.On this day you will find the embroiderers themselves in the Knights' Hall with one or more of the tapestries. They will tell you more about the project, such as which specific medieval techniques were used. They will also demonstrate how they set the embroidery stitches.

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Fairy Tale Lunch

June 16, 2024

Do you also love fairy tales? Then come Sunday, June 16 to the Fairy Tale Lunch and experience a magical afternoon! The Fairytale Lunch is for princesses and wizards, princes and fairies! Of course, dads, moms, grandpas, grandmas or other adults are welcome to come with you. Seating is limited, so book your tickets soon!Prices and booking: Children up to 3 years € 20 per child, 4 years and older € 25 per child and for adults € 30 per person. Reservations can be made via the button below at Fairy Tale Lunch itself.

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The castle and its history. A fine place where you lose track of time. Check out the vacation activities! The Owl workshop today was fantastic!!!

- Berna Meijer

For ages I had planned to have a look and finally it came. Beautiful castle to wander around for a while and to enjoy the view from the battlements. Drank an excellent cappuccino in the museum café. Nice people who went out of their way to make my visit as pleasant as possible.

- Petra Vervoort