House Rules

Thank you for coming to visit us! With your visit you are helping to maintain this historic Dutch heritage. To give you and future guests a wonderful experience, we ask you to abide by the house rules below.


The castle with surrounding land is private property and only accessible during public opening hours of the museum. The moat belongs to the castle and is therefore also private property. Swimming, (magnetic) fishing and other (water) activities are not allowed here.

During opening hours, the Castle Cafe, terrace, castle square and herb garden are free to visit. At the same time, these are part of this historical heritage and our collection. We therefore ask you to treat them respectfully.

Entering the grounds, including museum and Castle Cafe, is at your own risk.

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Protection of nature and building

To protect nature and the building, for example, but not exclusively, the following things are unfortunately not possible in and around the castle: launching balloons, throwing confetti, rice, or anything else, etc.

Open flames, fireworks and similar items are also not allowed anywhere on the grounds.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would not want to smoke either. If you would really like to, you can only smoke outside (this also applies to e-cigarettes). Please ask our staff for an ashtray.

The castle

The castle is more than 700 years old and built not to be easily accessible. That means narrow stairs with a turn, uneven steps and lots of up and downs. Watch carefully where you walk. In addition, people were smaller, so keep in mind low beams as well.

Wheelchairs, baby carriages, baby carriages, etc. unfortunately cannot enter the museum. If you have difficulty walking, one of our staff members can guide you to a more accessible staircase, but there is no elevator.

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The Museum

In the museum, you can store coats and bags in the unguarded coat closet. Use of the coat closet is at your own risk.

Children 12 years of age or younger may not visit the museum unaccompanied. As a parent/guardian, you are responsible for, and accountable for, the behavior of the children you bring with you. Always follow the instructions of our staff.

Reservations for the museum are recommended but not required.

Food and drink

There is a Castle Cafe with a terrace where you can order something. If you brought your own, you can use it on the square or in the grass.

No food or drink is allowed in the museum.

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Radboud Castle-House rules-Photographing and filming only not commercial

Photographing and filming

Photography and filming (without a tripod or selfie stick) for private use is permitted on a small scale, always keeping other guests in mind. We also ask that you not post images on social media where other visitors can be seen recognizably.

Photo and video sessions in and around the castle on a (semi-)commercial basis are only possible after written arrangements with the manager/curator.


Pets are allowed only on the square, terrace and in the Castle Cafe, not in the museum. The latter does not apply to service dogs; they are allowed inside.

Please note that there is one exception: when the falconer is in the castle courtyard with his birds of prey, we unfortunately cannot accommodate pets at all, including service dogs.

When the falconer is present, you can see at our activities.

Radboud Castle-Home Rules-Pets

Do not pet bats

There may be bats present in the castle. The bat is a natural insect repellent and all bats in the Netherlands are legally protected species. These mammals become active only at night and hide in dark, sheltered places during the day. You will probably never see one in the castle.

If you do encounter a bat in an accessible location, please leave the animal alone (i.e. do not pet, touch or otherwise disturb it) and report it to one of our staff members.


If something isn't clear, check out our frequently asked questions here. We hope you enjoy!

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Today we enjoyed a delicious High Tea, well catered for by very pleasant staff in a beautiful castle! We also sat outside on the terrace in the sun. Really a must!

- Fiona Heimenberg

Beautiful castle, nice staff, nice audio tour, child friendly. Highly recommended for young and old.

- Marja Peterse