Children's parties at Radboud Castle

Having a party for your birthday? What could be more fun than a medieval castle! This party will stay with you for the rest of your life.

From scavenger hunt to decorating

Start with lemonade and unwrapping presents given to you by your friends. Then you all do the scavenger hunt. Seen the whole castle? Then you can decorate cakes with candy and whipped cream downstairs in the Castle Cafe. Of course you'll get something to drink, because running around and playing makes you thirsty! When you go home, you will all receive a certificate and a little something.

Radboud Castle-Children's party with witches theme-photo by Ping Design
Radboud Castle-Playground photo by Duco de Vries

Extra: crafting

Want to do even more fun things? Then you can also go crafting. You can all make a sword, shield, magic wand or a noblewoman's hat! Another theme that fits well with your party is of course negotiable.

Combine with Children's high tea

Make the party extra special by combining it with a children's high tea! This consists of a pot of tea or jug of lemonade, soup and a board with for example poffertjes, mini toast, fruit, cake, mini muffin, brownie. Ask about the possibilities to combine with a children's party via the contact form.

Website 1920x1005-Radboud Castle-Children's high tea
Radboud Castle-Child running around in the Bottelrie Torre

Time and cost

This children's party costs € 15, - per child. You are then about 2 hours in the castle. With a handicraft extension there will be an additional € 4, - per child. You are then about half an hour extra busy.

Your companions may enter for free. Advisory age is 4 years and up.

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Reviews previous children's parties

Super fun!

Wonderful to see how the children are absorbed in their fantasy! Definitely the most exciting setting for a party in Medemblik. They are not going to forget this quickly! Highly recommended.

- Inge Bruinsma

What a great party we had with you for our daughter's 5th birthday! From the first lemonade with cupcake to the crafts, it was all very well taken care of. We will also remember the photo hunt through the castle with a visit to the roof for a long time to come! Thank you Emma and her team, we will definitely be back 👍

- Kirsten de Vries