The Grave Carpet

One takes a beautiful piece of history, crafts, a medieval expert and a group of enthusiastic volunteers. And what emerges?

What is the Grave Carpet?

In the Middle Ages it is important for the nobility to show who you are descended from, so that it is immediately clear how long your family has been in power. This is done with a so-called succession series. The Count's Carpet is the succession series of the Counts of Holland. The tapestry is embroidered by a group of volunteers, using authentic embroidery stitches and materials.

The design was created especially for Radboud Castle by historian Marius Bruijn, in the style, form and content of around 1300. More about this project and the designs can be found in the museum's Graves Room.

Radboud Castle-Graven carpet Ridderzaal with red tapestry-photo by Yvette Moeskops

Preserving Medieval Craft

The Grave Tapestry is a unique project. Textiles are fragile, which is why only a few Western European medieval tapestries have survived. The best known and one of the oldest is the Bayeux Tapestry. Radboud Castle wants to restore the craft of these tapestries so that the tradition and method will be preserved for future generations.

Grave Carpet Activities

There are regular activities around the Grave Tapestry, such as a theme day or theme weekend. During these days you will find the embroiderers themselves in the Knights' Hall with one or more of the tapestries. They will tell you more about the project, such as which specific medieval techniques were used. They will also demonstrate how to place the embroidery stitches.

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Radboud Castle-Graven carpet Ridderzaal embroiderer at green carpet-photo by Yvette Moeskops


We have been here years ago. It is special to see how well the castle of Floris V has been preserved. Excellent exhibits and friendly volunteers. There is an inviting play loft for the little ones.

- Theo Zentveld via Google

The castle and its history. A fine place where you lose track of time. Check out the vacation activities! The Owl workshop today was fantastic!!!

- Berna Meijer